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Welcome to Zion Lutheran Church, Abilene, Texas! We're so glad you joined us in our mission to serve our Great God. Our Mission:One God, One Mission, One Message, for All People! Please contact Robin Davis, (325)725-3480, if you have any questions.


Interpreting the PLACE Profile

Interpreting the PLACE Profile is a resource to help you learn how to view your PLACE Profile. If you will take the extra time to watch the Interpreting the PLACE Profile video and read the Five Key Insights that accompany the video, you will be amazed at how much impact the PLACE Profile can and will be in helping you understand how God has uniquely created you.


Work Day ParticipantWork Day CrewRussell Blaschke
Kingdom Cafe ServerKingdom Cafe Christopher Hart
Chancel Choir MemberAdult ChoirRichard Burke
Classroom Supply ProviderAll God's Children SuppliesShelley Smith
Guardian Angel CupboardAngels PantryShelley Smith
WorshipAltar GuildJanis Klose
Teach 1st Year ConfirmationConfirmationPastor Kieschnick
Teach 2nd-3rd Year ConfirmationConfirmationPastor Kieschnick
Mission Trip ParticipantHigh School ActivitiesKristen Weber
Senior Youth LeaderHigh School ActivitiesKristen Weber
Junior Youth AssisantMiddle School ActivitiesKristen Weber
Junior Youth LeaderMiddle School ActivitiesKristen Weber
Fundraising Coordinator for YouthYouth FinancialsKristen Weber
Treasurer for YouthYouth FinancialsKristen Weber

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